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Remanufacturing Process

A device remanufactured by Phones Canada carries the promise of exceptional aesthetic and functionality.

We have developed unique industrial know-how. The experience of over 30 Certified Technicians. Operators and Managers have produced a system to ensure the excellence of our products and services. We pay particular attention to the components that ensure the safety and better performance of your phone, sometimes even better than the original manufacturer.

We do not simply refurbish, we remanufacture entirely.

A phone by Phones Canada is much more than just refurbished.

Battery VS OEM/Aftermarket Battery

  • High Capacity Ampsentrix Plus Replacement Battery (Premium).
  • Same size batteries with more capacity. This is possible due to newer core technologies.
  • Compared with the original manufacturer OEM battery this Ampsentrix Plus battery charges faster, lasts longer, has a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package.
  • Our New batteries not only pass industry standards but we are also certified by official standards.
  • All Batteries come with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip, and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive.
  • Up to 20% Higher Capacity than Orignal Manufacturer (OEM) Battery

RED Bars – Batteries used by Phones Canada
GRAY Bars – OEM/AFTERMARKET Premium Batteries

Our ambition is to extend the life of phones in a more responsible and more sustainable way.

Screen Replacement

  • Our Screens are INCELL! LTPS technology for the best performance
  • Screens if replaced use LTPS Incell technology to ensure the best features
  • Offering high-resolution displays, fast and responsive touch experience, lower temperatures, and quicker refresh rates
  • The Incell technology LCD is thinner than a regular LCD plus there will be no panel crack issues during the installation
  • All our Screens come with a robust silicone seal to improve durability against drops
  • Each LCD will also come with a steel plate pre-installed and it comes with a water seal adhesive within its package
  • All screens on our devices offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty
By buying a phone remanufactured by Phones Canada you make an economic and environmental gesture. Each remanufactured phone saves 7,9 eqkgCO2 and avoids the use of scarce natural resources. In doing this, you control your environmental footprint and help preserve the planet.

Internal Parts

  •  Detection and treatment of all electronic failures
  • Storage removed and replaced with a new one for no previous Data
  • All chips are tested for correct and accurate voltages and current
  • Mics, Speakers, wireless pads, charging port cleaned and tested
  • Maximize OEM parts of the device