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Americans’ Willingness to Pay: Unveiling the Price Range for New Phones

Getting a new phone is always exciting! However, it can be disappointing when you realize that some of the best phones on the market don’t come with a charger. Suddenly, you find yourself needing to buy additional accessories like a screen protector, a case, or a protective sticker. These extra expenses can quickly add up, costing you another $200 or more.

But we believe that this is a necessary investment. When we buy a phone, we’re not just paying for the device itself. We’re also paying to establish a long-lasting and beautiful relationship with our phone, as well as to impress our friends with its unique appearance.

Now, let’s talk about how much Americans are actually willing to pay for a phone. In this article, we’ll be referring to the insights from the “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones: PhoneArena Survey.” This research was conducted impartially, with a sample size of 2,000 people representing the vox populi of the US. While it’s impossible to achieve 100% accuracy, all the statistics included in this survey are relevant and up to date. It’s worth noting that some individuals own both a second-hand phone and a new one as their daily driver.

According to the survey, most Americans are spending between $250 and $500 on a new phone. This price range makes perfect sense, as it offers a wide selection of budget-friendly phones that are definitely worth considering. For example, the Galaxy A53 5G and Google’s Pixel 7 are excellent options in this price range. These budget phones are so impressive that they provide a flagship-like experience, explaining why most people are comfortable spending this amount on a new phone.

Moving on to the next category, we find individuals who may have also benefited from great deals or carrier offers. This group primarily consists of flagship enthusiasts who are willing to spend more on cutting-edge devices. Phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Pixel 7 Pro, Motorola razr+, or any foldable phone, and true-powerhouse gaming phones like the ROG 7 Ultimate, have captured the attention of this particular audience. Additionally, there are a few outliers who are interested in unique devices such as the ThinkPhone or the Xperia PRO-I.

These individuals are always eager to get their hands on the latest phones that push the boundaries of smartphone technology. If you’re considering joining this 15% of tech enthusiasts, take your time to decide, but make sure you’ve made up your mind when we ask: how much time do Americans spend on their phones after investing such a significant amount of money?

Stay tuned because we will be sharing the complete “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones” results here on PhoneArena by the end of the month. If you want to make sure you don’t miss it, you can subscribe to our notification service using the form provided below!

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