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Cast your vote: Are titanium frames on smartphones important to you?

According to a recent poll conducted by Phones Canada, it was revealed that metal was the preferred material for phones almost ten years ago. However, in a similar poll conducted last year, it was found that people now miss plastic more than metal, possibly due to the trend of glass sandwich design in recent years.

In light of this, Apple is rumored to be introducing something new with the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature titanium frames. Although it’s not the same as having a titanium back, this development could potentially mark an important milestone in the industry.

While many brands already use titanium for smaller gadgets like smartwatches and trackers, using the material for phone frames presents its own set of challenges. Some may recall the original Essential Phone, which was made of ceramic and titanium. However, the introduction of titanium frames in iPhones could bring this material into the mainstream phone market.

It’s important to note a few key details here. Pure titanium is relatively brittle, so it is likely that an alloy will be used in the iPhone frames. Additionally, the strength and weight of titanium depend on the specific alloy and surface treatment used. In certain cases, aluminum alloys can be stronger and lighter than titanium alloys.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand that having titanium frames in the iPhone 15 Pro models doesn’t automatically guarantee a tougher and lighter phone compared to a well-designed aluminum alloy alternative. However, it is expected that the new iPhones will be lighter than their steel predecessors and just as durable. The question that remains is whether consumers are willing to pay a premium price to achieve a few ounces of weight savings.

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