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Cast Your Vote: How Many Apps Are Installed on Your Smartphone?

Have you ever noticed that the number of apps installed on your phone keeps increasing over time, even though you hardly use most of them? It’s a common phenomenon that many people experience. We call these unused apps “dead souls.”

Here’s how it usually goes: You download a specific app that you need, such as a measuring app, and while searching for it, you come across a plethora of other interesting apps in the same category. They might include sound meters, level apps, digital straight edges, compasses, and more. You end up thinking, “Well, I might need these someday,” and before you know it, your phone is cluttered with more than a hundred apps. And that’s not even counting the games!

According to statistics, on average, people have around 80 apps installed on their phones. Surprisingly, they only use about 9 apps daily.

To fact check this information, we decided to conduct a quick poll. We want to know how many apps you have installed on your phone. We understand that it might take some time to count them, but please humor us for a moment. Let’s find out if the average number is close to 80 or if it differs significantly. Cast your vote and feel free to leave a comment as well!

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