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Curious about the tech world’s highest-rated CEOs? Tim Cook, Zuckerberg, or someone else reigns supreme?

We all probably know the power of anonymity when it comes to honesty. Whether it is online discussions or workplace dynamics, being incognito tends to bring out the truth. Anonymous surveys create a safe haven for people to spill their thoughts without worrying about repercussions. They are like the truth serum of corporate feedback.

With that being said, Blind, a professional social network, recently conducted an anonymous survey, getting the lowdown on CEO approval ratings (via 9to5Mac). Blind asked 13,171 verified professionals in the US one simple question: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way your CEO is handling their job?” Let’s dive into the results.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, a heavyweight in the tech scene known for its powerhouse graphics chips, emerged as the champion. An impressive 96% approval rating from the NVIDIA crew on Blind speaks volumes about Huang’s leadership.

Apple’s head honcho, Tim Cook, nabs the fourth spot but secures second place in the tech realm with an 83% approval rating. Translation: four out of five Apple employees give Cook the thumbs up. Mark Zuckerberg from Meta trails with a 45% approval.

Now, things take a dip. Satya Nadella of Microsoft clocks in at 30%, Sundar Pichai from Google follows with 26% approval, and Andy Jassy of Amazon trails at a mere 10%. But hold on, it gets rougher.

Linda Yaccarino of X takes the cake for the lowest approval, scraping by with just 4%. Yep, you read that right—only four out of a hundred X employees give a nod to her CEO skills.

Here is a not-so-surprising twist: the CEOs with the worst approval ratings happened to be the ones wielding the job-cutting ax in 2023. In a not-so-kind move, X (formerly Twitter), Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta collectively sent over 50,000 people packing in 2023 alone.

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