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Google Maps is getting three new features soon

As the Thanksgiving Day holiday approaches, Google Maps is adding some new features to its app, just in time for the increased travel that typically accompanies the holiday season. The transit directions are getting a major update, which will include new features that make it easier to find the best route to your destination based on factors like Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), number of transfers, and the length of the trip. Additionally, the update will allow users to customize their trips by selecting the type of transit and reducing the amount of walking needed.

The Google Maps app will also show the exact locations of station or depot entrances and exits, as well as the side of the street they are located on. This feature will be available in 80 cities around the world and will include clear walking routes to and from the station/depot. These transit updates will be rolled out for both Android and iOS versions of Google Maps in the coming weeks.

Another new feature will be added to the list feature in Google Maps, which allows users to share a location with friends. The update will allow everyone in the group to access the list and suggest places they would like to visit. Users can vote on the suggestions by leaving a heart emoji for places they like, or a thumbs down emoji for places they’d rather not visit.

Lastly, users will now be able to add emoji reactions to any photo, video, or review posted by the Google Maps community. Mashup reactions will also be available, thanks to the Emoji Kitchen feature that combines two emoji to create new reactions. This feature will be rolling out globally on Android and iOS devices.

Google Maps continues to be a popular and reliable way to navigate to different destinations. If you don’t already have the app installed on your device, you can download it for Android and iOS.

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