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Results of Blind Camera Comparison: New Pixel 8 Pro Outperforms iPhone and Galaxy!

Last week, we ran a blind camera comparison with 14 daytime shots captured on the main camera of each phone and asked you to decide.

To avoid bias and make it a truly blind comparison, we removed all information about the photo files, so nobody could cheat and somehow look at the file name or metadata. This way, we could be sure that your votes would be based on the image quality alone and not on brand preference.

Well, the results are now finally in and they are quite revealing!

PhoneArena Blind Camera Comparison (Daytime Photos) Results:

The Pixel 8 Pro crushed the competition!

It won 12 out of 14 rounds, and the only two rounds where it was second, it was also a very close call! The Pixel photos are characterized with an excellent amount of detail, and great dynamic range, as well as pleasing colors.

At the second place came the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It won the other two rounds, and in a few occasions was very close to the Pixel. Looking at the pictures, we find a great amount of similarity between the iPhone and the Pixel.

Finally, at third place we have the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It did not win a single round, but it had the silver medal in six round, just as many as the iPhone. We would characterize the images from the Galaxy as different than the ones out of the Pixel and the iPhone, with a very distinct over-sharpening effect and slightly oversaturated colors.

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