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Results of Ultra-Wide Edition Blind Camera Comparison: Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy Outperform iPhone 15 Pro Max

Which phone has the best camera in 2023?

In this blind style camera comparison, you voted for the best image
without seeing the name or the brand of the phone that took it. Now, the
time has come to reveal the results of your votes and this one was much
more contested than our previous comparison!

In fact, two phones are so close we have a hard time declaring the
winner, so just read on…

PhoneArena ULTRA-WIDE Blind Camera Comparison RESULTS:

Now, if you really want to know the winner, look closer and you will
notice how the Galaxy won almost all of the daytime rounds, while the
Google Pixel 8 Pro absolutely dominated in low light shooting! So yes,
the Galaxy emerges as the winner for daytime ultra-wide shots as
everyone seems to love these more saturated colors, while at night that
brand new 48-megapixel low light camera on the Pixel 8 Pro certainly
makes a huge difference and takes the easy win.
Good news is that the next Galaxy S24 Ultra is right around the corner
and it could come with a new ultra-wide camera, and rumors also say
that Apple’s big upgrade for the iPhone 16 Pro series is a 48-megapixel
ultra-wide camera. But let’s look at the results for each image, shall

Scene 1 – Sunset

Scene 4 – Walk in the park

Scene 10 – The Ice Cream place

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