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The PhoneArena Survey: Exploring How Americans Purchase and Utilize Smartphones

We’ve all had a moment, where we just ask ourselves if we’re even normal. And that is totally fine, by the way. Us humans — we’re social animals and as such, we have to compare ourselves to others, in order to figure out if we fit in and what that means.

And that, of course, has extended into technology. Because — ring, ring — technology, at this point, has become an extension of ourselves. We’re all carrying miniature computers in the form of some of the best phones on the market in our pockets and this changes the way we explore our nature. Let me give you an example:

You see a new phone and you fall in love with it. Your old phone is still working fine, though. Is it too early to get a new phone? Do people even do that?

Well, these are the types of questions that we at Phones Canada decided to answer through our survey “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones”, which we’ve spent the better part of August hyping up — and for good reason.

And I don’t need to convince you of that, because the time has finally come: you can now browse the complete results right here! But, before we leave you to it, there are some facts that you need to know:

– This is commissioned research, so we’re impartial as can be.
– 2,000 people, vox populi of the US were surveyed.
– 100% accuracy is impossible, but all stats are relevant and up to date.
– Some people have more than one phone and maybe even more than one plan.

[Embed: Survey Results]

I’m sure that you’ve immediately noticed that the results are gorgeous, but let me tell you: the data is too! Within these pages you can find insight on relevant topics such as “What is America’s most-used phone brand” and “Why do Americans prefer to buy their flagships brand-new?”.

And, for the finale, we have a few insightful results regarding phone addiction, which we hope will be enlightening for some of you.

Now, I can totally understand if you are thinking “Woah, that’s way too much information for a single read!”. So to that, I say: don’t worry. The survey isn’t time-bound and it’ll be here for whenever you have the time to check it out.

And you should, because it has tons of awesome info about the things we here love most: phones!

I’m sure that there will be parts that you can relate to and then others that you can’t really agree with. But that’s completely okay, because we have a comments section! So after checking out the survey, make sure to let us know what you think below.

Thanks for checking out “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones: a Phones Canada survey”! Happy reading!

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