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Upgrade Your TV Audio with Sonos Ace for Beam and Ray Support – Coming Soon! | Phones Canada

Phones Canada is excited to announce that Sonos will be rolling out the Ace ‘TV audio swap’ feature to its Beam and Ray soundbars soon. In a recent live Q&A video, Sonos representatives Adib Mehrabi and Cameron MacLeod shared that the feature is expected to launch in “late summer” or “early fall.”

Currently, the TV audio swap feature is only available on the Arc soundbar for iOS users. However, Sonos is working diligently to expand this functionality to Beam (Gen 1 and Gen 2) and Ray soundbars in the coming months. With TV audio swap, users can seamlessly switch audio output from their soundbar to their Ace headphones using a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection.

This innovative feature allows users to enjoy a personalized home theater experience with support for 5.1 channels, 7.1.4 audio, and even full Dolby Atmos while watching movies. Whether you want to watch a loud blockbuster film late at night without disturbing others or listen to music on a separate speaker system, TV audio swap makes it easy to customize your audio setup.

Exciting news for Android users – Sonos has confirmed that they are working on bringing TV audio swap functionality to Android devices soon. During the Q&A session, Sonos reassured users that they are focusing on delivering a seamless and high-quality experience for all listeners. Stay tuned for updates on when this feature will be available for Android devices.

Get ready to enhance your home entertainment experience with Sonos’ Ace ‘TV audio swap’ feature coming soon to Beam and Ray soundbars!

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