Best BYOP Plans in Canada – 2020

Best bring your own phone plan from top Canadian carriers, with at least 1GB data. Provider Plan Inclusions Price Link  By The Gig Plan 1GB Data – No Contract $10/mth + $20 Signup Go Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk + Text 1GB Data – No Contract $23/mth + $10 Signup Go Smartphone Plan 1GB Data – No Contract […]

Guide: Canadian Carrier Network Unlock For FREE

How Much Will it Cost to Unlock My Phone? Unlocking your Canadian cell phone is free. In June 2017, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) updated the Wireless Code of Conduct to address a number of common consumer complaints. One of them was the cost to unlock a phone, even after a customer has […]

How and When to Limit Kids’ Tech Use

By Melanie Pinola Illustrations by Hannah Jacobs No one cares more about your child’s well-being and success than you do. In today’s digitally-fueled times, that means guiding him or her not just in the real world but in the always-on virtual one as well. Teach your children to use technology in a healthy way and pick […]

Tips for technology protection

1. Clicking Without Thinking Is Reckless Just because you can click, doesn’t mean you should. Remember, it can cost you a hefty sum. Malicious links can do damage in several different ways, so be sure to inspect links and ensure they’re from trusted senders before clicking. 2. Use Two-Factor Authentication It’s important to have a strong […]

Choosing best browser – can it really be done?

Why Brave? vs vs Others Why should you use Brave over Chrome? A helpful “Explain It Like I’m Five” series to show why over 19 million people are using Brave today. Brave vs Chrome A Browser Built to Perform 3x faster. 1 hour more of battery life. 33% less memory usage. Speed past Chrome today.Read […]