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Xiaomi Smart Band 8 with Detachable Straps: Certified and Coming Soon

Phones Canada is excited to announce the upcoming release of Xiaomi Smart Band 8, which recently received certification at NRRA Korea. The wearable will come with two detachable straps, providing a stylish and practical solution for users. The pill-shaped design of the device remains consistent with previous models, but the addition of the detachable straps […]

Realme Commits to Making Fast Charging 35W Accessible to All

Realme has long been at the forefront of smartphone charging technology, breaking records with phones that can do 150W and 240W. However, the company’s latest goal is to make fast charging accessible to everyone. In 2023, Realme plans to ensure that at least 90% of its models available globally support charging at a rate of […]

OnePlus Announces Plans for a Foldable Phone in 2023

At MWC’23, OnePlus made a major announcement that it will release a foldable phone later this year. This move will make OnePlus the first serious competitor to Samsung’s foldable phones in the US, which have dominated the foldable market. The upcoming OnePlus foldable phone could upset the established status-quo and give consumers more options in […]