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Top Koodo Phone Deals for September 2023: iPhone, Pixel, and Motorola

Koodo Mobile, a provider on the nationwide Telus network, offers discounted 4G and 4G LTE plans in Canada. They are also known for their great deals on smartphones, including iPhones and Androids. In this article, we will highlight some of the best phone deals from Koodo for August 2023.

Best Koodo Phone Deals for August 2023

1. Best Apple iPhone Deal: iPhone SE (2022) for $24.79/month

We love Koodo’s deal on the iPhone SE (2022), where you can get the phone for $24.79/month. The iPhone SE (2022) may be smaller than the iPhone 14, but it still offers a long-lasting battery, excellent front and rear cameras, and a powerful iOS 15 operating system. With Koodo’s Tab Plus program, you can finance the phone for 24 months. The accompanying plan includes 40GB of 4G LTE data on Telus’ large national network.

2. Best Android Smartphone Deal: Google Pixel 7a for $25.88/month

For Android lovers, Koodo’s deal on the Google Pixel 7a is worth considering. Priced at $25.88/month for 24 months, the Pixel 7a offers similar features as its successor, the Pixel 7, but at a lower cost. It features the Google Tensor G2 processor, high-quality cameras, photo-editing tools, and a long-lasting battery. Additionally, you’ll get 40GB of 4G LTE data on Telus’ network.

3. Best Low-Cost Smartphone Deal: Motorola Moto G Pure for $199 upfront

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Motorola Moto G Pure is a great choice. This mid-range phone boasts a large 6.5″ screen and a long-lasting battery. The upfront cost for the Motorola Moto G Pure is only $199. It comes with 3GB of 3G data on the Telus network, which is suitable for basic phone use.

Methodology: Picking the Best Koodo Mobile Deals

When compiling the best Koodo Mobile phone deals, we considered price, value, functionality, and payment options. We also took into account the phones that work best with Koodo Mobile cell phone plans.

Pick the Best Phone for You

Koodo offers a wide selection of Apple iPhones, Google Android smartphones, and basic flip phones. If you’re not sure which phone suits your needs and budget, be sure to check out WhistleOut’s guide to find the perfect phone for you.

Bring Your Own Phone Options

If you already have a smartphone that you love, you don’t have to buy a new one. Koodo allows you to bring your own phone and choose a cheap cell phone plan, saving you even more money. Even if you’re not with Koodo, you can still unlock your phone, switch carriers, and keep your phone number. Koodo also offers prepaid plans for those seeking a flexible, month-to-month option with no commitment.


For frequently asked questions about the best Koodo phone deals, please refer to our website for more information.

That wraps up our summary of the best Koodo phone deals for August 2023. Take advantage of these offers and find the perfect smartphone that fits your budget and preferences.

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