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Realme Commits to Making Fast Charging 35W Accessible to All

Realme has long been at the forefront of smartphone charging technology, breaking records with phones that can do 150W and 240W. However, the company’s latest goal is to make fast charging accessible to everyone.

In 2023, Realme plans to ensure that at least 90% of its models available globally support charging at a rate of 33W or higher. This initiative will cover not only high-end devices but also more affordable phones.

Realme has already made significant progress in this area, being the only company to launch a phone with 65W charging in the $100-$149 price range. Additionally, 85% of its phones in 2022 supported fast charging, making it the leader in this price segment.

However, Realme understands that “fast charging” can be subjective, with some companies defining it as low as 10W. That’s why the company is committed to raising the bar and bringing the minimum charging rate to 33W for all but the lowest-end devices.

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