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22-year-old iPod, a cult tech treasure from Apple, still yearning for your $350

The iPod, the iconic MP3 player from Apple, has turned 22 and is available for purchase once again. Priced at $350, Urban Outfitters is offering the iPod as part of their “vintage retro tech” collection. However, the iPod mini is already sold out at $199 each. The iPods now come with flash storage instead of the older spinning hard drives. The 5th generation iPod classic, introduced in 2001, has been updated with a new battery and 128GB of flash storage. Each iPod includes the original Apple sync cable and headphones. Despite being discontinued by Apple, the iPod still holds a cult following and is selling out quickly. In 2017, Apple stopped producing the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, focusing on the iPod Touch which has since evolved into a more versatile device.

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