DATA Destruction Service


We making sure your data is impossible to recover.

Sending Us Your Device

You can scedhule a secure pick up or Ship to our secure location which is monitored with CCTV & 24/7.

Received Devices

Our technicians disassemble your device and remove all storage chips from your device.


The storage chip is disintegrated to smithereens in a Controlled Detonation Chambers (CDC).

Recycled or Renewed

Once the data destruction is complete, the devices can be returned, recycled for parts, or renewed.

DATA Destruction Form

Fill in the form below and someone will from our team.


Most communication devices have built-in storage. Usually, companies when recycling, disassemble the device and part it out or use software that can wipe to industry standards. We noticed there is a niche market where some companies and people do not find a data erase or parting the device is good enough, and they choose to get the devices destroyed. These devices which have good parts that have no connection to data storage are being destroyed and piling up e-waste.


We thought we can help in reducing e-waste and came with a solution: DATA DESTRUCTION. Our technicians receive the device and disassemble the device to its components and remove all the storage chips located in the device. These chips are collected and placed in Controlled Detonation Chambers (CDC). From which these storage chips are disintegrated into smithereens, leaving no trace.