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DATA Destruction Service

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At Phones Canada, we understand that data security is paramount. Depending on the condition and the status of the device, we offer two major routes for ensuring your data is entirely and irretrievably removed.

For devices that are still operational and don't have existing user locks, we recommend our ADISA certified software data wiping process. This rigorous, industry-standard procedure ensures that all your data is permanently erased, providing you with the confidence that your information is safe.

ADISA Certified Software Wiping

ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) certification represents the highest standards in data erasure, and is endorsed by governments and corporations worldwide.

Safety: ADISA certified data wiping ensures your data is thoroughly erased, leaving no traceable remnants.
Quality Assurance: This certification indicates adherence to rigorous, frequently audited data destruction protocols.
Environmentally Friendly: Data wiping allows for more parts of the device to be reused or recycled, reducing e-waste.

For devices that are locked with a previous user’s account, making the standard data wiping process impossible, we use a more extreme measure – physical data destruction. We carefully disassemble your device, isolate the storage chips, and obliterate them within our Controlled Detonation Chambers (CDC). This method guarantees absolute data destruction and is used only for those special cases where software wiping isn’t feasible.

Sending Us Your Device

Choose between scheduling a secure pick-up or shipping your device to our monitored location, under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Device Receipt

Upon receiving, our technicians carefully disassemble your device to remove all storage chips.


These storage chips are obliterated within our Controlled Detonation Chambers (CDC), ensuring complete data destruction.

Post-Destruction Options

After the data destruction process, you have the option to have your devices returned, recycled for parts, or renewed.

DATA Destruction Form

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Most communication devices have built-in storage. Usually, companies when recycling, disassemble the device and part it out or use software that can wipe to industry standards. We noticed there is a niche market where some companies and people do not find a data erase or parting the device is good enough, and they choose to get the devices destroyed. These devices which have good parts that have no connection to data storage are being destroyed and piling up e-waste.


We sought a way to mitigate e-waste while still providing a robust data destruction service. Our solution is the DATA DESTRUCTION process. Our technicians receive the device, disassemble it into its components, and carefully remove all storage chips. These chips are then placed in Controlled Detonation Chambers (CDC), where they are disintegrated, leaving no trace of data.