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Phones Canada Grading Guide

Phones Canada Device Grading Gallery Guide Welcome to our device grading gallery. Here you can view pictures and videos showcasing each grade to help you understand the quality and condition of the devices we offer. Cellphone Grading Descriptions: Grade A+: Condition: Like new, no signs of wear. Functionality: Fully functional.

Industry Glossary

Understand the terminology used in the mobile technology and electronic recycling industry. Glossary TFFTested for Full Functionality Good LCDGood LCD is defined as LCD panel and touch are fully functional but the glass may be cracked. Can be refurbished easily. Bad LCDBad LCD means either the display or touch test

Phones Canada Team’s Initiative for a Better Tomorrow – Spotlight 2023

Discover how we’re making a difference in our industry and community. Sustainable E-Waste Management In 2023, we have been focused on enhancing our e-waste management practices. We’ve launched a series of recycling programs, encouraging our customers to return their used devices for safe and responsible recycling. We are proud to