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Possible Major Siri Upgrade with AI and Microphone Enhancements in iPhone 16

iPhone 16 has been attracting significant attention lately, and recent leaks and rumors paint a clearer picture of its potential upgrades. Earlier reports hinted that all iPhone 16 models will get an A18 chip next year and a redesigned Action button. Now, the latest whispers suggest significant enhancements for Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant.

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, based on supply chain insights, Siri is poised for a radical overhaul on iOS 18, and the iPhone 16 will play a pivotal role in this transformation. Kuo emphasizes, “My latest survey indicates that all iPhone 16 models will feature a substantial upgrade in microphone specifications.”

The microphones on the iPhone 16 series are expected to undergo a noticeable improvement, laying the foundation for enhanced Siri capabilities. Aside from better waterproof specifications, this upgrade encompasses a significantly improved Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to deliver a more intuitive voice assistant experience.

AAC Technology and Goertek are the microphone suppliers for the iPhone 16, and reportedly, the upgraded specifications will result in a substantial increase of “about 100–150%” in the unit price of each microphone compared to the iPhone 15.

Apple’s commitment to integrating AI into Siri is evident in the company’s recent reorganization of its Siri team in the third quarter of 2023. Kuo highlights that “Apple reorganized its Siri team in 3Q23 to integrate AIGC/LLM.” AIGC stands for Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content, and LLM means Large Language Model.

Kuo further states that “on mobile phones, voice input will be the key interface for AI/AIGC/LLM, so strengthening the software and hardware functions and specifications of Siri is the key to promoting AIGC.”

This is the first known report of planned improvements to the iPhone’s microphones. However, the claim of improving Siri fits with recent reports. Not long ago, rumors suggested that an upgraded version of Siri with AI capabilities would debut at WWDC 2024, which is backed by earlier indications that Apple might integrate ChatGPT-like features on iPhone with the next iOS18.

Working on integrating AI into the iPhone is not surprising, as you have probably already noticed, that AI is becoming a part of our lives and the tech we use. Google uses AI with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Samsung plans to launch on-device generative AI features on the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, so it is just normal for Apple to integrate AI even more into its iPhone 16 series.

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