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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enhance efficiency and protect confidential communications with Phones Canada’s comprehensive mobile device management solutions. Compatible with various operating systems, our services ensure optimal productivity and security for all your mobile devices.

Secure Mobility Made EASY

Effortlessly secure your mobile environment with Phones Canada’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Our comprehensive service offers cost-effective, all-inclusive management of a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and wearable technology. Enhance your team’s productivity with the flexibility to work securely from any device, anywhere. Plus, our EMM solutions are not limited by carrier, allowing seamless integration across various providers.

Why Opt for Phones Canada's EMM Solutions?

Expert Services

Enhance your setup with our comprehensive services including migration, configuration, and device provisioning, along with immediate incident support.

Streamlined Onboarding

dopt our EMM solution with ease. We offer thorough requirement gathering, user profile configuration, device activation, and essential training.

Managed Solutions

Let us handle upgrades, environment checks, and disaster recovery, along with providing advanced support levels.

Complete Management

Our team will build and manage your EMM solution from start to finish, saving you the need for additional staffing.

Cloud Efficiency

Benefit from efficient cloud hosting with server health monitoring and platform management. On-premises options available.

Simplified Device Setup

Focus on your core business with our easy device provisioning, compatible with various EMM solutions.

Comprehensive Features of Phones Canada's EMM Solutions

Get complete management of your devices!

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The Apple Business Manager program, as offered by Phones Canada, is designed for efficient deployment and enrolment of corporate-owned Apple devices into your mobile device management system. This program focuses on simplifying the process, ensuring that Apple devices are central to your business’s collaboration and connectivity needs. With streamlined deployment and automated enrolment, it enhances the operational efficiency of managing corporate Apple devices.

  • Zero-Touch Deployment: Devices are pre-configured and ready for employees, eliminating the need for IT to handle each device physically.
  • Over-the-Air Configuration: Customizes devices wirelessly to meet individual employee needs, removing the hassle of physical connections.
  • Simple App Distribution: Streamlines the process of distributing iOS tools to employees, enhancing productivity with quick, automated app management.

Experience unparalleled data protection and user experience with Phones Canada.

Our services empower remote work through comprehensive mobile device and application management, coupled with secure identity and access control. We provide advanced security measures and information protection, ensuring control over cloud identity and access. Phones Canada offers dedicated support for both administrators and end-users, including assistance with device enrollment. Additionally, we provide the convenience of consolidated billing, combining all EMM and Phones Canada wireless services into one simple bill.

Empower your business with Phones Canada’s advanced mobile device management solution. Our service streamlines the configuration, deployment, and maintenance of your devices across various settings like warehouses and offices, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. Enjoy features like:

  • Intuitive interfaces for hassle-free device management.
  • Efficient, streamlined setup for time savings.
  • Centralized control of devices, accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Quick, remote troubleshooting to resolve issues quickly.
  • Comprehensive analytics for ongoing device optimization.

Rest assured that our world-class security platform protects your vital business data. Choose a flexible billing model to suit your operational needs.