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A Couple is Spooked by “Creepy” Alexa and Decides to Unplug the Digital Assistant

We have all heard the spooky stories about Alexa acting out of the ordinary, and here is another one for you. A user on TikTok shared their experience from over the weekend, and you won’t believe what happened.

The user, Jess, known as “@cozylifewithbless” on TikTok, stated that while she was out of town, Alexa kept activating and conversing with her husband at 1 am. He was just playing video games, and the interaction struck him as “super, super weird”. Left feeling uneasy, Jess decided to unplug and replace Alexa with a kitchen timer.

While this is unsettling on its own, it turns out that more users have reported similar strange experiences with the digital assistant. For example, another TikTok user claimed that Alexa was whispering to their dogs in the kitchen at 3 am, causing them to unplug the device out of fear. However, not all news surrounding Alexa is eerie. Some users have shared stories of the digital assistant helping them in times of need.

It’s easy to pass these stories off as mere coincidences, but when multiple users report similar unsettling encounters, it’s hard not to feel a bit creeped out. Have you had an experience like this with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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