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A Few Units of iPhone 15 Pro Arrive with Defects

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Reportedly Facing Defect Issues

According to a tipster, some iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices are being found with defects straight out of the box. The titanium frame on some units lacks color or has uneven color application, while the display alignment is not accurate on others.

A Foxconn employee has mentioned that the initial batch of iPhone 15 Pro series phones will likely have problems, which seems to be confirmed by these reports. Additional images shared by the tipster show more defects, including display misalignment, dirt on camera lenses, scratches on the screen, and signs of damage in various areas. These issues have been reported for units destined for the US, Chinese, and EU markets.

Another tweet from a premium reseller highlights additional defects, such as uneven gaps on the back glass, wobbly OLED screens, phones with long scratches out of the box, and bubbles under the glass. While the majority of problems are seen on the Pro models, some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus units are also exhibiting defects. This reseller claims to have never seen such issues with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Reddit user received new iPhone 15 Pro Max with three cracks in the rear glass

Reports on Reddit further support these defect claims, with users reporting iPhones from the 15 series arriving with cracks and other damage. One Reddit post specifically mentions an iPhone 15 Pro Max arriving with three cracks in the rear panel, with the phone being loose in the box upon opening.

If you have received one of the defective units, it is advised to contact Apple immediately to arrange for a replacement. While waiting for the replacement unit, the affected devices can still be used despite the defects not impacting their operations.

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