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Access your liked stories easily with the new Google Discover feature

A few years ago, Google introduced a sweet new feature for its Discover users known as the “heart” button. This button allows you to offer feedback on article recommendations, enhancing your personalized experience. Well, the articles you like now have a new place to call home.

According to a recent Google Discover update enables users to access a straightforward webpage named “Interests” featuring three top tabs. To use this feature, open the Google app on Android and tap the “Saved” icon in the bottom bar. This action will take you to the Interests page, showcasing three tabs: “Saved,” “Liked,” and “Followed.”

  • Saved: This tab shows a list of articles and videos that you have bookmarked.
  • Liked: This tab shows a grid of all articles and YouTube videos you have hearted in Discover.
  • Followed: This tab shows a list of searches that you are following.

To add a new article or video to your “Liked” section, simply tap the “heart” icon in the Google app while viewing the article or video in Discover. If you change your mind, removing articles and videos from your Interests is just as easy—just tap the “heart” icon again. It’s as simple as that. As mentioned above, the update is all set for Android, but there is no word on when or if it’s making its way to iOS.

While it may not appear as a monumental update, this tweak can significantly enhance your daily content navigation experience. Google seems to encourage using “Saved” as a convenient read-it-later service, complete with collections and the ability to save images along with listings in Maps. Moreover, you can share your curated collections with other users, adding a social dimension to the feature.

The Google app serves as a handy tool, bundling search, news, and other features for users to stay updated, explore interests, and manage tasks. Offering a customized feed of news, articles, and videos, it allows deeper dives into specific topics. With bookmarking options, object identification, and translation features, it adapts with ongoing updates. It’s a practical tool for those seeking convenience in accessing information.

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