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Addressing iPhone 15 Pro’s Heating Concerns: Performance Revisions Imperative

Many users and reviewers have noticed that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have a tendency to get hot quickly. And this doesn’t just happen when you are pushing the phones to their limits. Even tasks that are not resource intensive, such as using social media apps or chat apps, make the phones toasty. An analyst thinks this is happening because of the Pro line’s lighter design.

iPhone 14 Pro is a very hefty phone, so it was a relief for many fans when Apple decided to switch from stainless steel to titanium. The material has made the new phones noticeably lighter but this has apparently come at a huge cost.

Per some reports, the iPhone 15 Pro can get hot enough to cause first-degree burns. Some owners have reported that when the phone starts warming up, they can’t use it without a case. Previously, it was believed that the device’s new A17 Pro chip which has been manufactured by TSMC was to blame, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has exonerated the foundry.

It turns out all this is Apple’s own doing. According to Kuo, certain design decisions by Apple to make the phone lighter kind of backfired and ended up making it run hot. The iPhone 15 Pro apparently has a smaller heat dissipation area and the titanium frame has reduced the new lineup’s thermal efficiency.

Kuo believes that Apple will fix this issue through software updates but that may not make the problem go completely away. For significant improvements, Apple will have to lower the performance of the A17 Pro, which is already not significantly faster than the A16 Bionic, despite being a 3nm chip.

Kuo says that if Apple fails to address the issue properly, it could affect the demand for the iPhone 15 Pro model, which are currently seeing strong demand.

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