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All T-Mobile users are in for a fantastic New Year’s surprise

T-Mobile Implements Strict Rules Against Spam Texts

No one likes getting spam texts, but that doesn’t stop those who send them. T-Mobile has decided to take a firm stance against those who flood your inbox with misleading or inappropriate messages.

Cloud communications provider Vonage has received notification from T-Mobile that the carrier will be imposing fines on third-party messaging accounts that send junk messages, employ social engineering techniques to obtain sensitive information, engage in hate speech, or propagate illegal content. Non-compliant messaging programs can face fines of up to $2,000.

It’s important to note that these new rules only apply to third-party messaging vendors, so regular users need not worry. T-Mobile has begun informing vendors and partners who use its networks about the updated terms of service. The fines will go into effect on January 1, 2024, making this move a New Year’s gift for those fed up with spammy texts.

According to T-Mobile, “These changes only impact third-party messaging vendors that send unlawful or unallowed commercial mass messaging campaigns for other businesses. The vendors will be fined if the content they are sending does not meet the standards in our code of conduct, which is in place to protect consumers from illegal or illicit content and aligns to federal and state laws.”

The fines will be imposed according to the type of violation. Those who engage in phishing, smishing, and social engineering will face a $2,000 fine. Vendors who send illegal, unlawful, or illicit content will be fined $1,000, while other violations could result in a $500 fine. Continued violations may lead to stricter actions, including the suspension of campaigns.

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