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An enhanced Smart Fill feature is coming to Google Sheets today

Google Sheets Enhanced Smart Fill Feature

Back in 2020, Google Sheets introduced the Smart Fill feature, designed to detect patterns between columns and suggest data for remaining cells using the company’s Knowledge Graph. Today, Google has announced an improved version of Smart Fill, known as “Enhanced Smart Fill,” which will only be available to Duet AI subscribers.

Enhanced Smart Fill is capable of recognizing and filling patterns, including sentiment classification, combining and generating text, extracting specific text, formatting addresses, structuring phone numbers and emails, as well as condensing text. It can essentially be described as Smart Fill on steroids.

For example, imagine a restaurant looking to organize their reviews and rating data as efficiently as possible. With Enhanced Smart Fill, instead of manually inputting the data, Sheets can detect patterns in the existing content and suggest values for the remaining cells.

Enhanced Smart Fill can also be utilized in various other fields, such as sales, fundraising, and more. Overall, the improved version of Smart Fill simplifies data entry and analysis, as users can simply accept the values suggested by the app rather than input them manually.

It’s important to note that Enhanced Smart Fill is currently only available with Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise, meaning it requires a subscription to access this feature.

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