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An iOS app glitch could have potentially cost an Android user nearly $8000

Here’s a man that will never ever lay a finger on an iPhone, or on anything that runs on iOS.

Meet Chris Pyatt. No, not the former world middleweight champion boxer from England.

This story’s hero is a man named Chris Pyatt, operator of Thai restaurant Pum’s Kitchen in Queensland, Australia. The anti-hero, as you may have guessed by now, is called iOS.

The story revolves around Pyatt’s small business in Australia which was mistakenly labeled as “permanently closed” by Apple Maps, as well as getting its location wrong (via AppleInsider).

Out of the blue, Chris Pyatt was recently asked by a regular customer why the restaurant had shut down. Imagine his face upon hearing that question, as his restaurant was still operational, with no intention of closure whatsoever. The regular customer said that according to Apple Maps, the restaurant has been “permanently closed”.

That was the moment when Chris realized why the restaurant saw such a “significant downturn” in business of around AU$12,000 ($7,877) in the last months. “This is our livelihood,” said the restaurant owner, who has worked with his wife Pum on the venture for close to a decade.

“We have no idea when this change went through”, said Pyatt, but on further inspection, did see a “sudden and drastic change in customer behavior” from the end of November and throughout December.

The couple – Pyatt and his wife – are using Android smartphones and Windows PCs, so they could not and did not see the Apple Maps issue. Pyatt contacted Apple customer care, but he was allegedly informed that he couldn’t receive support and help as he wasn’t an Apple customer.

The non-closure wasn’t the only problem for the restaurant, as they also saw the location was incorrect. “We lost one customer because they called us to check the location, then stated they were using Apple Maps and didn’t turn up”, Pyatt further explained.

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