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Android Phones Can Now Share Medical Data During 911 Calls, Like iPhones Can

Your Android phone is a vital part of your life, and now it could even help save your life in an emergency. Android phones with the Personal Safety app can now automatically send medical data to first responders when making a call or sending a text to 911. This data could include caller name, allergies, medications, preexisting conditions, emergency contacts, and more, depending on what you’ve chosen to share.

To turn on this feature, open the Personal Safety app, go to your info, tap “Emergency info access” and choose “Share during emergency call.” This app comes preinstalled on Pixel phones since the Pixel 4, and it can also be installed from the Google Play Store on other Android phones.

This feature is not new, as iPhones have had the ability to transmit health data to first responders since 2020. While we hope your phone will never have to use this feature, it’s reassuring to know that medical teams will have access to your information in case of an emergency.

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