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Android users can now benefit from a new Gboard feature while typing in landscape mode

Today, we’re here to talk about a new feature found in Gboard beta version 13.6. This feature addresses a common issue that many users encounter when typing in landscape mode on their smartphones.

With taller and thinner phones becoming the norm, typing in landscape mode can often result in the on-screen keyboard covering much of the screen. However, with this new feature, Gboard will now open the keyboard with its floating layout in landscape mode by default.

If you’re already a Gboard beta tester and are running beta version 13.6, you should see this new feature on your device. To check if you’re a Gboard beta tester and to see which version of the app you have, head to Settings > Apps > See all xxx apps, scroll down to Gboard, tap on the listing, and scroll down to the bottom to view the version number of the app running on your phone.

The version number you’re looking for is, which confirms that you’re a beta tester for Gboard. If your version number doesn’t have the term “beta,” you won’t have access to the feature just yet. However, it should be rolling out to all Android Gboard users in the near future.

Once in landscape mode, you’ll see the floating QWERTY keyboard right in front of you. You can easily move the keyboard by dragging it using the bottom bar. To return to the full-sized QWERTY layout in landscape, simply drag the floating keyboard to the bottom of the display, and it will seamlessly transform into the full-sized landscape QWERTY that you’re familiar with.

Just remember, once you switch to the full-sized layout, the keyboard won’t return to the floating layout in landscape unless you specifically follow the necessary steps. To switch back to the floating QWERTY in landscape mode by default, tap the blue circle icon on the left of the toolbar with the four boxes inside and select the “Floating” option.

Overall, this new feature is a welcome addition for Android users who prefer typing in landscape mode. Regardless of your phone’s model or manufacturer, as long as you’re a Gboard beta tester, this feature should now be available on your device.

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