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Apple accomplished something in the previous year that it hadn’t achieved since 2009.

Last year Apple broke its own tradition by not releasing any new iPad models in 2023. This marked the first time since the original iPad’s release in 2010 that the tech giant skipped a year without bringing out a new iPad model. According to TF International’s reliable Apple analyst Mig-Chi Kuo, it was predicted that there would be no new iPad models for the year 2023, and that turned out to be true.

Given the absence of new iPads in 2023, we can expect several new tablets for 2024. Kuo shared expectations for the year, predicting that Apple will shake up the iPad Air line by offering two variants of the device. One will feature a 10.9-inch display and the other will have a larger 12.9-inch screen, both possibly powered by the M2 chip. The two new iPad Air tablets are expected to be manufactured during the current quarter.

Moving forward, Apple will begin mass production of two updated iPad Pro models later during the first or second quarter. Both models are expected to come with an OLED panel for the first time in iPad history, improved form factor, and will be powered by a powerful 3nm M3 chip.

Apple aims to set apart the iPad Air and iPad Pro lines by possibly raising the price of the new iPad Pro models to maintain a gap in pricing between the two tablet lines. However, Kuo suggests that there might be some cannibalization by the new 12.9-inch iPad Air. Additionally, production of the next iteration of the iPad mini is expected to begin during the second half of 2024, along with the basic 11th-generation iPad.

It’s clear that Apple will be working on releasing new iPads throughout the year to make up for the lackluster 2023. The company is hoping to generate business from those who haven’t upgraded their iPads for years by refreshing the line. For the record, the last iPad released by Apple was the 10th generation iPad on October 26th, 2022.

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