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Apple acknowledges wireless charging problem with iPhone 15 in BMW vehicles

Earlier this month, we shared with you the concerns of some iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users who also happen to be BMW owners. They reported issues with their iPhone 15’s NFC chip malfunctioning after using the vehicle’s wireless charging pad. Now, Apple has acknowledged the problem. Better late than never, right?

According to Apple Insider, the tech giant has issued a service bulletin through its authorized service provider network, attributing the issue to the use of a “small number” of wireless chargers bundled with certain BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles.

If you encounter this problem, expect to see a “Could not set up Apple Pay” error message on your device, even if Apple Pay has already been set up. Apple suggests resolving the issue by resetting the NFC chip in the iPhone using Apple Service Toolkit 2, a software utility utilized at Apple retail stores and authorized service providers.

As a temporary measure, Apple advises customers to refrain from using wireless charging in these vehicles until a software patch is released. While Apple assures that the problem will be addressed in an upcoming software update, the exact release date remains unspecified.

iOS 17.1 has just been rolled out, but it has not resolved the NFC chip issue. Keep an eye out for a solution in future releases.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a short-range wireless communication technology facilitating data exchange between devices nearby, typically within a few centimeters. Widely used for contactless payments, access control systems, and data sharing, NFC plays a significant role in mobile payments, allowing transactions through a simple tap or bringing the device close to a compatible terminal.

Ever since the iPhone 15 series landed in users’ hands, it’s been a rollercoaster of issues. Apple’s tackled some, left others hanging, and fingers crossed that a forthcoming software update will swoop in to save the day.

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