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Apple AirPods Line Set for Refresh in the Coming Year, Report Reveals

AirPods Refresh Coming in 2024

According to reports, Apple is planning to refresh its AirPods line in 2024. The AirPods, introduced by Apple in 2016, quickly gained popularity and currently hold a 32% market share in the wireless earbuds market. Bloomberg suggests that the new lineup will include updated versions of the AirPods Max, AirPods 2, and AirPods 3, along with new features and design changes.

AirPods Max

The priciest model in the AirPods lineup, the AirPods Max, is expected to receive a new version with a USB-C charging port and new color options. Apple’s patent application also suggests that the digital crown will be replaced by a touch-sensitive surface.

A refreshed version of the over-ear AirPods Max will get USB-C charging.

AirPods 2 and AirPods 3

The second and third-generation models of AirPods, priced at $129 and $169 respectively, will be replaced by two fourth-generation models. The new AirPods will feature a design that combines elements of the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2, including shorter stems and noise cancellation capabilities for one model. The pricing is expected to be similar to the current models.

Improved Charging Cases

The higher-priced fourth-generation AirPods with noise cancellation will come with an updated charging case that features speakers for Find My alerts. These alerts will be easier to hear, providing a better user experience. The charging cases for the new AirPods will also be equipped with a USB-C charging port, replacing the proprietary Lightning port.

The refreshed AirPods lineup aims to provide consumers with more features and options, giving them a reason to choose the pricier models. Apple’s ongoing commitment to innovation ensures that the AirPods will continue to be a leading product in the wearables market.

The next iteration of the noise-cancelling AirPods Pro is expected to be released in 2025.

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