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Apple Devices Key to Thieves’ Success in Car Order Scams – Stay Alert!

Car theft is a growing concern in Canada, with the Insurance Bureau of Canada reporting a staggering 105,000 cars stolen in 2022. This number is expected to rise, partly due to the Apple AirTag becoming a favorite tool among auto thieves.

In 2021, we first saw how criminals in Canada were using AirTag trackers to steal high-end vehicles. These small tracking devices were discreetly placed on cars, allowing thieves to locate and steal them easily. Recently, reports have surfaced of criminals in Montreal using AirTags to track down specific vehicles desired by car thieves for various reasons.

One such incident involved Ethan Yang, who discovered an AirTag attached to his car while driving back home after a visit to Montreal. By using his iPhone to locate the tracker, he found it hidden in the front grill of his vehicle. Criminals are getting creative with their placement of AirTags, hiding them under windshield wipers or inside targeted cars.

In Burlington, Vermont, law enforcement has received reports of travelers finding trackers in their vehicles. Ryan McLiverty from the Vermont Intelligence Center suggests that these trackers could be used to identify cars for potential theft rings targeting international markets like Russia and Africa.

While some may believe that placing an AirTag inside a vehicle can aid in recovery if stolen, there are instances where this is not always effective. One man from Toronto had his car stolen twice, with the AirTag inside only allowing him to track its journey all the way to Dubai.

If you find an AirTag placed on or near your car, it is essential to report it to the police immediately. Remember that tracking down stolen property should always be left to law enforcement professionals. Attempting to recover your car on your own could be dangerous.

Criminals are leveraging technology more than ever before to target individuals, making it crucial for everyone to understand basic security features like those offered by devices such as AirTags. If you come across an unfamiliar tracker attached to your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact authorities and turn it over for further investigation.

Stay vigilant and prioritize safety by working closely with law enforcement if you ever find yourself dealing with a similar situation involving AirTags and potential car thefts.

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