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Apple Watch may include a built-in flashlight in the future

Your trusty Apple Watch is just awesome, right? Not only does it pack an unbelievable number of health-tracking features like ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, stress, and sleep tracking, but it also has a lot of lifestyle functionalities like smart notifications, NFC, and the ability to make and take phone calls directly from your wrist. You can even download various apps on your smartwatch. Furthermore, you can use the display of your Apple Watch as a flashlight when you desperately need a light to see in a dark room, for example. And while this particular functionality does a pretty decent job, Apple may be working on adding a proper flashlight on its Apple Watches.

According to a new patent application dubbed “Modular Light Assembly For A Wearable Device,” Apple might be working on a way to add a modular light assembly — flashlight said in a not-that-fancy way — onto the band of the Apple Watch. Furthermore, the patent shows that the flashlight might have its own battery so that it won’t drain the battery of your smartwatch.

We should note that a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that we will receive an Apple Watch with a flashlight attached to its band. However, we think it will be something interesting to see.

Another thing we should mention is that we already have smartwatches with built-in flashlights. For example, the Garmin Enduro 2 and the Garmin fēnix 7X Pro are among the smartwatches that sport an LED flashlight. And, to be frank, it would be even better if Apple were to find a way to put an LED flashlight directly into the Apple Watch, just like Garmin.

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