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Avoid these mistakes when taking your iPhone out tonight!

When heading to a bar for some drinks, it is important to use your common sense. There have been occurrences where individuals would steal devices from intoxicated individuals and take advantage of them. To prevent something like this from happening to you, make sure to use your passcode to unlock your iPhone discreetly and do not lend your device to anyone. It is also crucial to avoid putting your iPhone down on a table, especially in public places.

If you have a breast pocket, consider using it to store your iPhone instead of putting it in your back pocket. Additionally, avoid connecting your iPhone to public Wi-Fi networks or charging stations. It is recommended to bring your own power bank and keep it in your pocket for convenience and safety.

With the upcoming release of iOS 17.3, the Stolen Device Protection feature will be available. This feature will require verification from Face ID or Touch ID when accessing certain data on the iPhone from unfamiliar locations. Additionally, there will be a one-hour delay before certain passwords and IDs can be changed, giving users the opportunity to notice if their device has gone missing and inform Apple.

Part of the reason why thefts such as these occur is due to the ability of thieves to take over a phone quickly. The Stolen Device Protection feature aims to reduce these crimes by implementing a one-hour delay that slows down the rate at which changes to passwords and security features can take place.

Once iOS 17.3 is launched, the Stolen Device Protection feature will be disabled by default, and users can enable it through the Settings menu. However, if you don’t want to wait for the release of iOS 17.3, you have the option to install the iOS 17.3 beta 1 update and enable the Stolen Device Protection feature.

If you do decide to install the iOS 17.3 beta 1 update, remember to have a current backup of your device in case you need to revert back to iOS 17.2, as this process will require you to wipe your phone.

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