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Chicago school loses $23 million worth of Apple iPads and laptops in one year due to theft or loss

The Chicago Public Schools Inspector General has reported that more than 70,000 laptops and iPads were lost or stolen during the 2021-22 school year, totaling $23 million in losses. The report revealed that a pair of siblings at one school had collectively lost 9-10 devices, but the district did not take significant measures to track down the missing items. Despite spending $2.6 million on software to recover computers, the district failed to utilize it effectively. The Inspector General’s office criticized the school administration for not taking action after the first few devices went missing, emphasizing the financial burden and disservice to students. The district claims to have recovered 12,000 laptops, with an estimated current depreciated value of $2.5 million. This incident has caused Chicago City Council members to question the process that led to millions of dollars worth of technology being lost or stolen.

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