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Choose from three transparency options in Google’s freshly designed At a Glance

Google’s At a Glance Widget Gets a Design Refresh

Google’s At a Glance widget has received a design refresh and it is not exclusive to the tech giant’s Pixel phones. Users of other Android devices have reported that they have also received the update.

It’s important to note that the design update will automatically occur without the need for any push notifications or manual updates. It is a server-side change.

The At a Glance widget allows users to keep track of various information such as their schedule, local weather, commute details, flight information, calendar events, and even food and household orders. Furthermore, the widget can remind users when it’s time to leave for work after setting their home and work locations.

The widget now features a new three-dot menu button in the middle, which allows users to navigate and customize the widget’s options. Users can select the specific events and reminders that they want At a Glance to track. Additionally, users can customize the widget’s interface by choosing from solid, transparent, and semi-transparent background options.

Earlier in August, there were talks about At a Glance being available for non-Pixel Android devices, but no specific timeline was mentioned. Now, it seems like the update has surprised users with its arrival.

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