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Class Action Against Apple Results in Unexpected Second Check for Class Members

In 2022, Apple initiated a class-action suit payment to customers, totaling a $95 million settlement. The suit claimed that Apple violated the terms of its AppleCare extended warranty by sending customers eligible for replacement devices one that was refurbished, rather than new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability as outlined in the AppleCare terms. Minus attorney fees, $68 million was left to pay the plaintiffs, each receiving $14. However, some plaintiffs have now received an unexpected second check for $26.18, almost double the original payout, bringing their total to $40.18.

The reason for this additional payment is that not all members of the class redeemed their initial payment by the deadline, leaving extra money in the Settlement Fund, which was distributed to those who had already redeemed their initial payment. Although it is rare for Class Members in a class-action suit to receive a second bonus payment, it is unlikely that they will receive another check related to this lawsuit in the future.

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