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Concerns voiced by Apple Watch users about overheating and drained batteries following update to watchOS 10.1

Apple recently released watchOS 10.1, which includes the highly anticipated double-tap gesture for Watch Series 9 and Watch 2 Ultra. However, along with these improvements, some users have been experiencing abnormal battery drain. This issue seems to be widespread but does not affect all Apple Watch users. It affects various models, including older devices like the Apple Watch Series 4 and the latest Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Affected users have noticed significantly faster battery drain rates than usual. For example, some have reported their Apple Watch Series 9 going from 100% to dead in just three hours. Complaints about this issue have been popping up on Reddit and Apple’s Support Forums.

Many affected users have also reported difficulties in charging their Apple Watches due to overheating problems. The Settings app displays a message stating, “Charging was on hold due to Apple Watch temperature,” which causes the battery to deplete while on the charger.

Users experiencing these issues are encouraged to alert Apple and request a solution, possibly through a software update. Some users have noted that the problem was present in the watchOS 10.1 beta, but Apple did not address it.

Apple recently released the initial developer beta of watchOS 10.2. However, it remains uncertain whether this release will address the battery drain issues.

Earlier this month, iPhone users who updated to iOS 17 also expressed similar concerns about battery drain and overheating. Apple addressed these issues with an iOS 17.0.3 update.

The timeline for Apple addressing the Apple Watch battery drain issue is unclear, but we will keep you informed as updates emerge. Stay tuned!

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