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Creators on YouTube now have the ability to dub their videos with the platform’s newest feature.

YouTube has recently introduced a range of new features aimed at assisting creators in reaching a wider audience. During their Made On YouTube event, the company unveiled several tools that will soon be available to users and creators. Among these tools are Aloud and Dream Screen, both powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Aloud, which was initially teased at the VidCon event a few months ago, allows creators to dub their videos using YouTube’s AI-powered dubbing tool. This feature enables videos to reach a global audience, making it easier for creators to expand their content’s viewership worldwide.

In addition to Aloud, YouTube announced several other AI-powered features that will be introduced to their platform in the near future. One of these features is Dream Screen, an experimental tool that allows creators to incorporate AI-generated video or image backgrounds into their YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Create, a mobile app currently in beta for Android devices in select markets, was also highlighted. This app allows creators to produce Shorts or longer videos directly from their mobile phones. Users can edit, add soundtracks, and include captions, all within the app.

Another notable tool introduced is AI Insights, designed to provide creators with suggestions based on their audience’s viewing habits. According to YouTube, over 70 percent of those who participated in the testing phase found this feature to be highly beneficial.

Last but not least, there’s Assistive Search, which empowers YouTube creators to find suitable soundtracks for their videos by describing their content. By utilizing AI technology, this feature automatically suggests music that aligns with the specific video being created.

With these new features, YouTube is offering creators a range of powerful tools to enhance their content and engage with a broader audience. Stay tuned for the official rollout of these exciting developments!

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