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Customize your Assistant Routines with Google’s latest updates

Google Introduces New Options to Customize Assistant Routines

Google has made a series of enhancements to its apps, including Google Assistant, to further improve the functionality of its ecosystem. For users who frequently utilize Assistant Routines, these new updates will prove to be quite valuable.

Starting this month, users who rely on Assistant Routines for gathering useful information or automating daily tasks will have access to new customization options. Inspired by Action Blocks, additional features are being added to Assistant Routines to allow for even more personalized customization.

According to Google, “research has shown that this personalization can be particularly useful for people with cognitive differences and disabilities.” However, the company believes that these new changes will benefit a wider audience beyond just those with specific needs who use Assistant Routines.

It is important to note that with these updates, there is no longer a need to download the Action Blocks app. This app allows for routine actions to be simplified with customizable buttons on the Android home screen.

However, if you are currently using or planning to use the Accessibility Service provided by the Action Blocks app, it is recommended to keep the app installed on your phone, as it is required for connecting a switch.

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