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Debating the Significance: A Bigger Battery vs. Wireless Charging

Aren’t you tired of charging your phone every day, or even twice a day in some cases? Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone was able to go for days between charges? Well, it should, and it probably can, if you remove all the wireless charging coils and make the phone a bit thicker.

I admit this is a bit far out, as 400–500 mAh more won’t get you another day, but still, would you sacrifice wireless charging for battery capacity? For me, it’s a no-brainer: wireless chargers aren’t really wireless, they go into the wall socket. And you practically save one tiny effort to plug the cable into your phone by simply placing it on the charging mat. I would choose to make this miniscule effort and get a larger battery any day of the week. What about you?

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