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Discover the Latest Rumor: iPhone 16 Plus Coming in Seven Vibrant Colors! – Phones Canada Blog

Rumors are swirling about the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus from Apple, with reports suggesting it may come in seven stunning color options. According to a leak from Weibo-based source Fixed Focus Digital, the iPhone 16 Plus is set to build on the existing color palette of the iPhone 15 Plus while introducing a couple of new shades into the mix.

Here’s what we know about the rumored color options for the iPhone 16 Plus:

– Blue
– Pink
– Green
– Yellow
– Black
– White
– Purple

While the leak didn’t specify if all seven colors will be available for the base iPhone 16 or exclusively for the larger 6.7-inch iPhone 16 Plus, it’s an exciting development nonetheless. This is the first time we’re hearing about color options for the non-Pro models of this year’s iPhone lineup.

In recent discussions, much of the focus has been on color choices for the Pro models of the iPhone 16 series. Speculations suggest that Apple may introduce new ‘Rose’ and ‘Space Black’ hues while discontinuing current ‘Natural’ and ‘Blue’ Titanium options. These Titanium colors are said to be revamped versions of shades seen on previous models like the iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch.

While Fixed Focus Digital doesn’t have a proven track record yet, Apple has a history of carrying over popular colors from one generation to another while also introducing fresh choices. Fans can expect more details to emerge as we get closer to Apple’s annual keynote in September when the iPhone 16 series is expected to be unveiled.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

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