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Discover the Potential for Exceptional Battery Life in the iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max

Phones Canada Predicts Exciting Changes for 2025 iPhones

While we’re still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 15 series for many customers, we couldn’t help but look ahead to the future. In just 11 months, we can expect the introduction of the iPhone 16 models. However, today we’re here to discuss the iPhone 17 line and the exciting changes it could bring.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst with a knack for accurate predictions, the 2025 iPhones might feature Resin Coated Copper (RCC) mainboards. What does this mean for users? Well, RCC technology has the potential to reduce the thickness of the mainboard, allowing for more internal space. Additionally, it can make drilling on the mainboard easier since RCC boards are fiber-free.

However, there’s a slight setback with RCC mainboards. They are currently quite fragile and do not pass drop tests. Ajinomoto, the largest RCC material supplier globally, would need to enhance the durability of RCC before the third quarter of 2025. Only then could Apple consider implementing this technology for the mainboards used in the iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max/Ultra.

Now, should this discourage you from upgrading to the iPhone 15? Absolutely not. It’s important to remember that the durability improvement for RCC is a future possibility, and there are no guarantees. But if it does happen, Apple could take advantage of the extra internal space to increase the battery capacity in the iPhone 17 Pro series. Before anything else, though, RCC needs to prove its resilience in drop tests to ensure its reliability for Apple’s mainboards.

The mainboard, also known as the motherboard, is a crucial component of any phone. It houses essential elements like the processor, storage, memory, network connectivity, camera, and more. As such, Apple will not make any changes to the mainboard until it’s completely convinced of the durability and reliability of new technologies.

In conclusion, while we look forward to the upcoming iPhone 16 models, the potential advancements in the iPhone 17 line have us even more excited. Keep an eye out for any updates on RCC technology as we inch closer to the release of the 2025 iPhones. Stay tuned!

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