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Don’t be a quitter, but threatening to quit T-Mobile can be effective

If you’re considering leaving T-Mobile, there are two secret deals that the company may offer to make you stay. According to The Mobile Report, customers who are thinking about leaving T-Mobile might be offered one of two promotions if they contact the company.

The promotion is called “Stay Magenta” and can only be offered and activated by customer care representatives. All postpaid customers with at least one voice line are eligible for the promotion. They will either receive a $10 discount on their bills for the next 6 months or a $25 discount for the next 2 months, reflected as a bill credit. However, customers will only qualify for the offer if they agree to stay with T-Mobile for the duration of the promo period.

The only way to receive this offer is through a customer care agent, either on the phone or through social media. The last time T-Mobile offered a similar discount was in March when the carrier offered a $10 discount for 6 months to boost customer retention.

If you’re on the fence about leaving T-Mobile, it might be worth reaching out to a customer care representative to see if a discount will change your mind.

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