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Don’t Miss Out on iOS 17: Why iPhone Users are Hesitant to Update

Apple recently released adoption numbers for iOS 17, shedding light on the popularity of its latest operating system. Here’s what we know so far:

iPhone Adoption:
– 76% of all iPhone models introduced in the last four years were running an iOS 17 build.
– 20% of these models were running an iOS 16 build.
– Only 4% were using a version of iOS older than iOS 16.

Overall, 66% of all active iPhones had an iOS 17 build installed, showing a strong preference for the latest update.

iPad Adoption:
– 61% of iPad tablets introduced in the last four years were running iPadOS 17.
– This is followed by 29% running iPadOS 16 and only 10% relying on iPadOS 15 or older.

When looking at all active iPads, we see that over half (53%) had iPadOS 17 installed, with another significant percentage (29%) on iPadOS 16.

Interestingly, unlike iOS 17, adoption of iPadOS has improved compared to last year’s rates. Last February, only 53% of iPads were running iPadOS 16.

These figures highlight the growing popularity and acceptance of Apple’s latest operating systems. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to track their adoption rates across our devices!

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