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Don’t Wait: Delete These 13 Android Apps That Could Take Over Your Phone

The McAfee Mobile Research Team has discovered 25 apps that contained the Xamalicious malware, with some directly installed from the Google Play Store and subsequently removed by Google. According to McAfee, most of the Xamalicious-infected apps are still available on third-party Android app stores.

The infected apps cover categories such as games, health, horoscope, and productivity. It is advised to remove these apps from your device immediately if installed. Some of the apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store include Essential Horoscope for Android, 3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft, and Logo Maker Pro, among others.

If you’ve already installed any of these apps, check your device for the listed titles and uninstall them to avoid potential security issues. Indications of a malware-infected phone include unusual overheating and rapid battery depletion. Be sure to regularly review your device for any unfamiliar or potentially harmful apps.

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