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DxOMark Ranks Google’s Pixel 8 Pro as the Best Display

Google’s latest flagship phone, the Pixel 8 Pro, has been recognized as the top display performer by DxOMark, a leading benchmarking organization. The Pixel 8 Pro achieved the highest score in global rankings, excelling in readability and color.

Both the Pixel 8 Pro and the smaller Pixel 8 underwent a comprehensive display test evaluating their performance in six categories: readability, color, video, motion, touch, and artifacts. As expected, both devices performed exceptionally well in readability and color, with the Pro model securing the top marks.

According to DxOMark, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is the most readable product to date, surpassing other smartphones, even outdoors and in direct sunlight. The Pro model also demonstrates accurate color rendering in low-light conditions, further enhancing the user experience.

In terms of color accuracy, the Pixel 8 Pro sets the standard, earning an impressive score of 164. DxOMark acknowledges the phone’s ability to reproduce colors with great fidelity, ensuring a visually pleasing display.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s video performance was also commendable, achieving a score of 156. The phone effortlessly handles both SDR and HDR10 video content, delivering an immersive viewing experience.

When it comes to motion handling, the Pixel 8 Pro received a score of 138. The display demonstrated smooth performance throughout the test, with no frame drops. However, slight frame mismatches were observed during gaming.

The device’s touch performance was excellent, scoring 160. The Pixel 8 Pro’s 120Hz smooth and accurate touch response greatly enhances web navigation. Although some improvements are still needed for gaming, the overall touch experience is highly satisfactory.

In terms of artifacts, the Pixel 8 Pro scored 121, its lowest score. This is still respectable but aligns closely with scores from Apple and Samsung smartphones, according to DxOMark.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s outstanding display performance is of particular importance to users who rely on their smartphones for work, productivity, or entertainment. It is exciting to see the device excel in these areas. We look forward to seeing how the Pixel 8 Pro performs in upcoming camera tests, especially considering its advanced AI capabilities.

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