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Enhancements to viewing experience included in latest Google Meet update

The latest update for Google Meet brings several improvements to the ultra-low latency live streaming experience. These enhancements are specifically designed to improve video meetings streamed within an organization.

One important improvement included in the update is the ability for meeting hosts to add or start live streaming from any ongoing Meet call, even if it wasn’t initially planned to be live streamed. Additionally, video feed should start faster when joining live streams with large audiences, and viewing live streams from the Google Meet mobile app on Android and iOS devices is now supported.

Another interesting improvement added with the latest update is the ability to see the size of the audience (call participants and viewers) in the top left live stream indicator. The join screen has also been redesigned to include a quick-access button, allowing meeting participants to join a live stream rather than a regular call if they prefer.

Google states that these changes are currently being rolled out to Android and iOS users, and all the improvements should be available to Google Meet users by January 18, 2024.

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