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Existing subscribers to Pixel Pass receive a $100 loyalty credit and the full 2-year term following discontinuation by Google

Phones Canada brings you important news regarding Google’s Pixel Pass program. As of August 29, 2023, Google has discontinued the offering of Pixel Pass for new Pixel purchases or renewals. This means that if you’re planning to buy the upcoming Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro in October, you won’t have access to the Pixel Pass program.

For existing subscribers, you can remain subscribed to the program until the end of your two-year term. The term is considered over after two years have passed since your Pixel Pass device shipped. Once the two years are up, you won’t be able to update to a new phone using Pixel Pass. However, you will have fully paid off your Pixel device and the Preferred Care service contract.

It’s worth noting that other services included in Pixel Pass, such as Google One, YouTube Premium, and Google Play Pass, will continue to be billed monthly at a discounted rate until you cancel them. Do keep in mind that if you use your Pixel Pass device on Google Fi, you will lose the $5 service discount for your plan.

If you’re a new subscriber to Pixel Pass, you will still receive the full two-year term of the subscription. If you wish to cancel within 15 days of receiving your Pixel Pass device, you can do so. As a gesture of appreciation, all active Pixel Pass members will also receive a $100 loyalty reward credit from Google. This credit can be used for any purchase made from the Google Store or, if you subscribed via Google Fi, you’ll receive a $100 coupon code via email that can be used towards purchasing a new Pixel from Google Fi Wireless.

Remember, if you prefer to subscribe to individual services included in Pixel Pass, you’ll need to cancel and subscribe to them separately. We hope this information helps you navigate the changes regarding Pixel Pass. Stay tuned to Phones Canada for more updates and news on the mobile industry.

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