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Fascinating Survey Uncovers that 20% of Americans are Willing to Fall into Debt for Purchasing a New iPhone

According to a recent survey, a significant number of Americans are willing to go into debt to purchase the latest iPhone 15 series. Out of the respondents, half of them expressed their intention to buy one of the new 2023 iPhone models. When it comes to financing the purchase, nearly 40% of the participants believe it is better to pay off the handset in installments.

Phone shaming has become a common occurrence in today’s society. In a chat group consisting of teenagers, the reaction to an Android user joining the conversation is evident. The once blue text bubbles turn green and various features are lost, such as end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality images. Insults like “What’s the matter, your pops can’t afford to buy you an iPhone?” are thrown at the Android user.

What these iPhone-obsessed individuals fail to recognize is that if they were to engage in a chat between two Android users utilizing RCS (available in the Messages by Google app and others), green text bubbles would appear, and the aforementioned features would also disappear. However, Android users are less likely to resort to insulting others.

Another interesting finding from the survey is that over one-third of the participants deem someone who constantly upgrades to the latest iPhone as “wasteful,” while 21% believe them to be wealthy. Moreover, 16% perceive not owning an iPhone as a sign of financial struggle.

The survey also revealed that 60% of the Americans surveyed are open to trying a budget carrier, and nearly half of them consider it unfair for postpaid carriers to check credit scores. Additionally, approximately 75% of the respondents consider the new iPhone models to be overrated, and more than half of them believe that Apple does not pay its fair share of taxes.

This survey was conducted online with 240 respondents in the United States. WalletHub ensured that the data was normalized by age, gender, and income to accurately reflect the demographics of the country.

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